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MG Music – Space City Echo

KAYZER PEDAL DEMO – MG Music – Space City Echo – Feedbacks From Space – – (PRS Custom 22 into a Clean Blackstar Artisan 30, recorded with the Zoom Q3)

MG Music That’s Echo Folks


Demo of an MG Music Thats Echo Folks with Pigs Tail. The best analog delay i’ve ever heard. Theres a monomachine triggering a Doepfer Dark Energy going into a Zvex Loop Junky going into a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator and into a Thats Echo Folks. The delay time is triggered with a light sensor. Pigs Tail.

This video shows what the MG Charles Bukowski Envelope Filter sounds like (played with a sloppy funk-riff, though). We will be back soon with another demo, this will be more experimental stuff with delay etc.

Big Muff-clone

MG Big Muff-clone fuzz-distortion & MG analog delay.